October 10, 1958 - February 26, 1964
ABC Detective Drama - 206 Episodes

Stuart Bailey:   Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Jeff Spencer:   Roger Smith
Kookie:   Edd Byrnes
Detective Rex Randolph:   Richard Long
Suzanne Fabray:   Jacqueline Beer
Roscoe:   Louis Quinn
Lieutenant Gilmore:   Byron Keith
J.R. Hale:   Robert Logan
Hannah:   Joan Staley
Victor Traymund:   Victor Buono
Carla Stevens:   Diane McBain
Himself:   Frankie Ortega
Ernie Pozen:   Robert Colbert
Alexis Manet:   John Van Dreelen
Valdez:   Joe De Santis
April Myford:   Kaye Elhardt

The investigations of Stuart Bailey and Jeff Spencer,
private detectives operating from plush offices at 77
Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. Stuart was a
suave, cultured former OSS officer and an expert in
languages. Jeff Spencer was a former government
undercover agent, who had a degree in law. Both of
them were judo experts. Their cases took them to
glamour spots all over the world. Next door to No. 77
was Dino's, a posh restaurant whose parking attendant,
Kookie, was seen often in the series. He was young,
gangly, jive-talking, and longed to be a private
detective himself. Other regulars included Roscoe
the racetrack tout and Suzanne the beautiful
French switchboard operator.

Kookie (Gerald Lloyd Kookson III) caught the public's
fancy (He's pictured above with Sue Randall). He was
always combing his hair which inspired the novelty
song "Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb" sung by
Byrnes and Connie Stevens. His "Kookie-isms" became
a trademark. For example: "the ginchiest" (the greatest);
"piling up the Z's" (sleeping); "keep the eyeballs
rolling" (be on the lookout); "play like a pidgeon"
(deliver a message); "a dark seven" (a depressing week);
and "headache grapplers" (asprin).

Photo courtesy of MPTV.net.

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