All In The Family
Archie Bunker's Place

January 12, 1971 - April 4, 1983
CBS Situation Comedy - 306 Combined Episodes


Archie Bunker:   Carroll O'Connor
Edith Bunker:   Jean Stapleton
Gloria Bunker-Stivic:   Sally Struthers
Mike Stivic:   Rob Reiner
Lionel Jefferson:   Mike Evans
Louise Jefferson:   Isabel Sanford
Henry Jefferson:   Mel Stewart
George Jefferson:   Sherman Hemsley
Irene Lorenzo:   Betty Garrett
Frank Lorenzo:   Vincent Gardenia
Maude Findlay:   Beatrice Arthur
Bert Munson:   Billy Halop
Tommy Kelsey:   Brendon T. Dillon
  Bob Hastings
Justin Quigley:   Burt Mustin
Barney Hefner:   Allan Melvin
Stretch Cunningham:   James Cromwell
Jose:   Abraham Alvarez
Teresa Betancourt:   Liz Torres
Stephanie Mills:   Danielle Brisebois
Harry Snowden:   Jason Wingreen
Hank Pivnik:   Danny Dayton
Joey Stivic:   Cory M. Miller
Murray Klein:   Martin Balsam
Mr. Van Ranseleer:   Bill Quinn
Veronica Rooney:   Anne Meara
Ellen Camby:   Barbara Meek
Billie Bunker:   Denise Miller
Gary Rabinowitz:   Barry Gordon

The series revolved around the life of Archie Bunker who
resided at 704 Houser Street in the Corona section of
Queens, New York. Archie was an uneducated, prejudiced,
arch-conservative, working-class Joe with a blatantly
outspoken opinion on everything. Completing the Bunker
household was Archie's slow-witted but honest wife Edith,
who he referred to as "The Dingbat", his grown daughter
Gloria, and his unemployed, ultra-liberal, Polish
son-in-law, Mike Stivic, who he nicknamed
"The Meathead" (dead from the neck up).

Archie was constantly lambasting virtually every minority
group in existence. His views on blacks (or, as he often
called them, "Jungle bunnies" or "spades"), Puerto Ricans
("spics"), Chinese ("chinks"), and any other racial or
religious group not his own, were clear and consistent.
Archie believed in every negative racial and
ethnic stereotype he had ever heard.

Unfortunately, Archie could never get away from the
people he dispised. Archie was a dock foreman for the
Prendergast Tool and Die Company, and he had to work
with a racially mixed group of people. Next door to his
small house lived a black family, the Jeffersons.
Louise Jefferson was one of Edith's closest friends, her
husband George ran a small dry-cleaning store, and their
son Lionel was a close friend of Mike's. Lionel loved to
come to the Bunker house to tease Archie about his
prejudices, while George's brother Henry, who was as
opinionated from the black point of view as Archie was
from the white, also provided conflict.

The Jeffersons moved to Manhattan and into their own
show in 1975, whereupon Mike, who had finally graduated
from college, moved into their old house. Then Gloria
became pregnant; the baby, Joey, was born in December 1975.
The Lorenzos, an Italian couple, moved in as neighbors for
a while. Frank Lorenzo loved to clean and cook while his
wife Irene was an accomplished fixer of anything mechanical.

In 1977 Archie quit his job and along with Harry the
bartender, purchased Kelsey's Bar. In 1978 Mike, Gloria,
and little Joey moved to California and thus left the series.
Archie and Edith were then joined by little Stephanie Mills,
a niece who had been abandoned by her father. In 1979 the
focus of the series switched to Archie's bar and Edith was
seen only infrequently. New characters were added to the
bar and Archie took on a new Jewish partner named
Murray Klein, and the name of the series was
changed to Archie Bunker's Place.

Edith died of a stoke in 1980. Life went on,
however, and Archie hired a black housekeeper,
Ellen Canby, to help care for Stephanie. In 1981 partner
Murray left the series and Archie got much needed
financial help from lawyer/business manager Gary
Rabinowitz. Gary's involvement was more than strictly
business, he was dating Archie's 18-year-old niece,
Billie, who had arrived at the start of the season. All
in the Family changed the course of television comedy.
It brought a sense of harsh reality which
had not been seen before.

Click HERE for Carroll O'Connor's obituary.


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