The Amos 'N' Andy Show

June 28, 1951 - May 14, 1953
CBS Situation Comedy - 78 Episodes


Andrew Halt Brown:   Spencer Williams, Jr.
George "Kingfish" Stevens:   Tim Moore
Amos Jones:   Alvin Childress
Sapphire Stevens, George's wife:   Ernestine Wade
Mama, Sapphire's mother:   Amanda Randolph
Lightnin', cab company janitor:   Nick Stewart
Algonquin J. Calhoune, inept lawyer:   Johnny Lee
Ruby Jones, Amos's wife:   Jane Adams
Arabella Jones, Amos's daughter:   Patty Marie Ellis
Madame Queen, Andy's girlfriend:   Lillian Randolph
Clara Van Porter:   Zelda Cleaver
Henry Van Porter:   Jester Hairston

"Out of the Library of American Folklore, those
treasured stories such as Huck Finn, Paul Bunyan,
and Rip Van Winkle -which have brought us laughter
and joy for generations- come the warm and loving
tales of Amos and Andy; created by Freeman Gosden
and Charles Correll. Presented by the Blatz Brewing
Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin on behalf of Blatz
dealers everywhere. Now enjoy Blatz,
Milwaukee's finest beer."

The story of three New York City men: Andy, the
naive and dim-witted president of The Fresh Air
Taxi Company of America, Amos, his level-headed
partner & cab driver, and Kingfish, an inept con
artist, the head of "The Mystic Knights of the
Sea" fraternity.

Stories relate Andy's romantic involvements and
efforts to stray from the paths of matrimony; and,
finding Andy the perfect sucker, Kingfish's endless
attempts to acquire money from the cab company,
despite Amos's warnings and efforts to protect his
investment and keep the company solvent.

Adapted from the radio program of the same name,
this was the first television series to
feature an all-Negro cast.

Amos & Andy was a hit on radio before
making it's way to television.
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Watch the epsiode "The Kingfish Gets Drafted"

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