January 23, 1975 - May 20, 1982
ABC Situation Comedy - 170 Episodes

Captain Barney Miller:   Hal Linden
Detective Phil Fish:   Abe Vigoda
Detective Stanley Wojohowicz:   Max Gail
Detective Ron Harris:   Ron Glass
Detective Nick Yemana:   Jack Soo
Detective Sergeant Chano Amenguale:   Gregory Sierra
Elizabeth Miller, Barney's wife:   Barbara Barrie
Officer Carl Levitt:   Ron Carey
Detective Arthur Dietrich:   Steve Landesberg
Inspector Frank Luger:   James Gregory
Lieutenant Scanlon:   George Murdock
Bernice Fish:   Florence Stanley
Detective Janice Wentworth:   Linda Lavin
Officer Kogan:   Milt Kogan
Detective Baptista:   June Gable
Rachel Miller, Barney's daughter:   Anne Wyndham
David Miller, Barney's son:   Michael Tessier
Detective Mike Lovaetti:   Art Metrano
Perlita Avilar:   Carina Afable
Detective Eric Dorsey:   Paul Lieber

The trials and tribulations of Captain Barney Miller
of New York City's 12th Precinct.

Others around the station house were Detective Sergeant Amenguale,
the Puerto Rican; Detective Stanley Wojohowicz, the naive,
trusting one; Detective Nick Yemana, the one who made
the awful coffee; Detective Phil Fish, the old one who
acted and sounded like every breath might be his last;
Detective Ron Harris, the wisecracking, ambitious,
nicely dressed one; Detective Arthur Dietrich, the
know-it-all; Inspector Frank Lugar, the often incoherent
superior; Officer Carl Levitt, the uniformed officer
who wanted to become a detective; and Lt. Scanlon, of
Internal Affairs and always trying to find
some dirt on the 12th Precinct.

Aside from The Honeymooners, Barney Miller was the
sit-com that most approximated a one-act play.
Almost every episode took place in one room of a
rundown, filthy police station in Greenwich Village.

Barney Miller managed to develop its main characters
without showing their home lives (or their bare butts),
thanks to perceptive writing and scenes that were long
enough for actors to breathe. The show is also rare
among workplace comedies in that a steady stream of
character actors drop in to spice up each episode.
Barney Miller and Kojak were 2 of many shows that
inspired young men and women to pursue careers in
criminal justice. In those days it wasn't possible to earn
a criminal justice degree online like it is today.

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