September 13, 1974 - July 21, 1978
NBC Situation Comedy - 88 Episodes


Ed Brown:   Jack Albertson
Chico Rodriguez:   Freddie Prinze
Louie:   Scatman Crothers
Mabel:   Bonnie Boland
Mando:   Isaac Ruiz
Rev. Bemis:   Ronny Graham
Della Rogers:   Della Reese
Raul Garcia:   Gabriel Melgar
Aunt Charo:   Charo
Rudy:   Rodolfo Hoyos
Monica:   Julie Hill

Set in the barrio of East Los Angeles, Chico and
the Man was the story of two men from radically
different cultural backgrounds who grew to respect
each other. Chico, the enterprising young Chicano,
was determined to go into partnership with cranky,
sarcastic, cynical Ed Brown. Ed operated a small,
run-down garage and spent most of his time complaining
and alienating people. A lonely widower, he first
fought Chico's determined efforts to help him make
the business work. Chico cleaned the place up, moved
into a beat-up old truck in the garage, and brought
in business. As often as Ed complained about Chico,
and as often as he made token efforts to get
rid of him, he felt an attachment that he
would never publicly admit.

Frequently seen were Louie the garbageman, Mabel the
mailwoman, and Chico's friend Mando. Della Rogers
was added to the cast in 1976 as the civic-minded
owner of the diner across the street from the
garage, who also happened to be the new owner of
the property on which the garbage was located.
She was more than capable of dishing out as
much as she took from Ed.

After Freddie Prinze's tragic suicide on January 28,
1977, executive producer/creator, James Komack, started
shooting the series as a solo show for Albertson.
They found a cute twelve-year-old, Gabriel Melgar,
who played Raul, a cheeky Chico who debuted on the
fourth season opener. It didn't work, it just wasn't
the same show and NBC canceled the series.

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