September 24, 1997 - April 30, 2002
ABC Situation Comedy - 119 Episodes


Dharma Finkelstein Montgomery:   Jenna Elfman
Greg Montgomery:   Thomas Gibson
Abby Finkelstein:   Mimi Kennedy
Larry Finkelstein:   Alan Rachins
Kitty Montgomery:   Susan Sullivan
Edward Montgomery:   Mitchell Ryan
Jane:   Shae D'Lyn
Pete Cavanaugh:   Joel Murray
Claire:   Kathryn Joosten
Celia:   Lillian Hurst
Yoga Student:   Samantha Flate
Susan:   Susan Chuang
Folk Singer:   Adrian Bewley

Dharma Finkelstein, a free-spirited San Francisco yoga instructor
and dog trainer. Raised by bohemian parents. Dharma approaches
everything with unbridled passion, honesty and openness. Since
childhood, Dharma was taught to shun convention, trust her
wildest instincts and truly find the joy in each day of her life.

Greg Montgomery, a conventional, but surprisingly open-minded,
Harvard-educated U.S. Attorney, who still finds Dharma's energy
absolutely irresistible. By following Dharma's advice to
listen to his heart over his head, Greg found the love
of his life and entered a world he never imagined.

Love at first sight is a concept Dharma takes very seriously, and
when she first lays eyes on Greg Montgomery, she's sure he's the one.
Despite the fact they come from completely different worlds, the
feeling is mutual. Greg finds Dharma's energy irresistible and
before their first date is over -- the two are married.

Dharma's counter-culture parents, Abby and Larry, struggle to keep
their daughter from being swallowed into the "dark side," as they
see Greg's country-club family. At the same time, Greg's uptight,
blue-blood parents, Kitty and Edward, encourage the young couple
toward a more "normal" way of life or, failing that, try to keep
their daughter-in-law from dancing naked on the roof.

And so continues the celebration and challenge of the lives and
marriage of Dharma and Greg, two romance-fated opposites completely
committed to each other despite the insanity of their respective
dysfunctional families and craziness of the world around them.

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