September 29, 1959 - September 18, 1963
CBS Situation Comedy - 147 Episodes


Dobie Gillis:   Dwayne Hickman
Maynard G. Krebs:   Bob Denver
Thalia Menninger:   Tuesday Weld
Herbert T. Gillis:   Frank Faylen
Winnie Gillis:   Florida Friebus
Zelda Gilroy:   Sheila James
Chatsworth Osborne, Jr.:   Steve Franken
Clarissa Osborne:   Doris Packer
Leander Pomfritt:   Herbert Anderson
  William Schallert
Ruth Adams:   Jean Byron
Imogene Burkhart:   Jean Byron
Davey Gillis:   Darryl Hickman
Duncan Gillis:   Bob Diamond
Virgil T. Gillis:   Roy Hemphill
Jerome Krebs:   Michael J. Pollard
Charlie Wong:   James Yagi
  John Lee
Milton Armitage:   Warren Beatty
Clarice Armitage:   Doris Packer
Riff Ryan:   Tommy Farrell
Maude Pomfritt:   Joyce Van Patten
Trembly, Osborne butler:   David Bond
The Osborne Chauffeur:   Angelo DeMeo
Dean Magruder:   Raymond Bailey
Lt. Meriwether:   Richard Clair
Blossom Kenny:   Marjorie Bennett
Melissa Frome:   Yvonne Lime

Dobie Gillis was a "typical" American teenager, with three
primary interests in life: Beautiful women, fancy cars,
and money. Unfortunately he was the son of a grocer and
not the most attractive of boys, which put a certain crimp
in his aspirations. Dobie and his beatnik buddy Maynard,
to who work was a dirty word, did their best to get by with
a minimum of effort. Dobie had two real nemeses in life.
The first was intelligent but unattractive Zelda Gilroy,
who was constantly trying to get herself married to Dobie.
The second, through most of the series, was millionaire
Chatsworth Osborne, Jr., a spoiled young man who flaunted
his social status, not to mention his money, to snare the
attractive girls who eluded Dobie.

285 Norwood Street, Central City, was the business location
and residence of the Gillis family. Stories related Dobie's
continual thoughts about the future, his running battle
with his father over the prospect of acquiring work, his
relationship with his "good buddy" Maynard G. Krebs, and
his endless romantic heartaches, most of which center
around Thalia Menniger, a beautiful, greedy, self-centered
young woman who struggles to improve Dobie and find him
the job that will enable him to make "oodles and oodles of
money" though not for her, the last hope her family has,
but for her family, a sixty-year-old father with a kidney
condition, a mother who isn't getting any younger, a
sister who married a loafer, and a brother who is
becoming a public charge.

Season three related Dobie and Maynard's
experiences as army privates.

In season four after completing their military service,
and still undecided about life, Dobie and Maynard
enroll in college.

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