December 16, 1951 - August 23, 1959
January 12, 1967 - April 16, 1970
NBC Police Drama - 376 Total Episodes


Sgt. Joe Friday (Badge 714):   Jack Webb
Officer Frank Smith (1953-1959):   Ben Alexander
Officer Bill Gannon (1967-1970):   Harry Morgan
Sgt. Ben Romero (1951):   Barton Yarborough
Sgt. Ed Jacobs (1952):   Barney Phillips
Officer Frank Smith (1952):   Herbert Ellis
Ann Baker, Joe's fiance (1953-1954):   Dorothy Abbott
Sharon Maxwell, Joe's girlfriend (1956):   Marjie Millar
Captain Mack:   Byron Morrow
Captain Brown:   Art Balinger
Captain Didion:   Art Gilmore
Policewoman Dorothy Miller (1967):   Merry Anders
Announcer (1952-1970):   George Fenneman
Narrator (1967-1970):   John Stephenson

The program opened each week with these words from
Det. Sgt. Joe Friday: "This is the city, Los Angeles,
California. I work here, I carry a badge." Then that
arresting theme music began to play ("Dum-de-dum-dum").
Probably the most successful police drama in television
history. Dragnet's hallmark was its appearance of realism,
from the documentary-style narration by Joe Friday, to the
cases drawn from the files of the real L.A.P.D., to its
attention to the details of police work ("It was 3:55. . .
We were working the day watch out of homocide"). Viewers
were reminded of the unglamorous dead ends and the constant
interruptions of their private lives that plague real policemen,
and this made the final shoot-out and capture of the criminal
all the more exciting. At the end of each episode, after the
criminal was apprehanded, an announcer would describe what
happened at the subsequent trial and the severity of the sentence.
The series was created and directed by Jack Webb himself.
It's catchphrases and devices became national bywords and
were widely satirized. There was Webb's terse "My name is
Friday--I'm a cop," and "Just the facts, ma'am".

The classic police drama was updated for the 1960s.
No-nonsense Sgt. Joe Friday and his new partner,
Officer Bill Gannon, tackled traditional police cases
and faced new challenges such as LSD, race riots,
and public service TV shows.

Dragnet was a hit on radio before
making it's way to television.
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