Family Affair

September 12, 1966 - March 4, 1971
CBS Situation Comedy - 138 Episodes


Bill Davis:   Brian Keith
Giles French:   Sebastian Cabot
Cissy Davis:   Kathy Garver
Jody Davis:   Johnny Whitaker
Buffy Davis:   Anissa Jones
Miss Faversham, Giles' friend:   Heather Angel
Nigel French, Giles' brother:   John Williams
Emily Turner, Bill's inept maid:   Nancy Walker
Ted Gaynor, Bill's partner:   Philip Ober, John Hubbard
Miss Lee, Bill's secretary:   Betty Lynn
Scotty, the doorman:   Karl Lucas
Buffy's doll:   Mrs. Beasley

Bill Davis' carefree existence as a swinging bachelor
was just about perfect. A highly paid consulting engineer,
he maintained an elegant apartment off Fifth Avenue in
Manhattan and had his domestic needs cared for by a very
English gentleman's gentleman, Mr. French. Into this life
of independence came three young orphans, the 6-year old
twins Buffy and Jody and 15-year-old Cissy. Their parents,
Bill's brother and sister-in-law, had died in an accident,
and other relatives felt that Bill could best provide for
them. Despite initial misgivings, Bill and French became
very attached to the children and learned to adjust their
life-style to make room for the new members of the
household. Mr. French, a stickler for neatness and order,
had the toughest adjustment to make, he was with the
children all the time while Bill was often out of
town on assignments.

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