154 Total Episodes (Both Formats)

format one:

September 28, 1961 - September 6, 1965
NBC Situation Comedy


Hazel Burke:   Shirley Booth
George Baxter:   Don DeFore
Dorothy Baxter:   Whitney Blake
Harold Baxter:   Bobby Buntrock
Harriet Johnson, helpless neighbor:   Norma Varden
Herbert Johnson, helpless neighbor:   Donald Foster
Rosie Hamicker, Hazel's maid friend:   Maudie Prickett
Harvey Griffin, George's client:   Howard Smith
Deirdre Thompson, George's sister:   Cathy Lewis
Harry Thompson, her husband:   Robert P. Lieb
Barney Hatfield, mailman:   Robert B. Williams
Mitch Brady, cab driver:   Dub Taylor

123 Marshall Road, Hydsberg, New York, the residence
of the Baxter family: George, an attorney with the firm
of Butterworth, Hatch, and Noell; his wife, Dorothy;
their son, Harold; and their maid, Hazel Burke. George
Baxter was always in control of everything at the office,
but almost nothing at home. When he returned home from
the office he entered the world of Hazel. She ran the
Baxter household more efficiently than George ran his office.
In fact she was more efficient than most cleaning companies in NYC
but had many endearing qualities that made her more than
just a maid. She was always right, knew exactly what needed
doing, and preempted his authority with alarming, though
justified, regularity. The Johnsons were the Baxter's
nutty neighbors, a very naive retired couple.
Smiley was the family dog.

format two:

September 10, 1965 - September 5, 1966
CBS Situation Comedy


Hazel Burke:   Shirley Booth
Steve Baxter:   Ray Fulmer
Barbara Baxter:   Lynn Borden
Harold Baxter:   Bobby Buntrock
Susie Baxter:   Julia Benjamin
Mona Williams, Barbara's friend:   Mala Powers
Fred Williams, her husband:   Charles Bateman
Jeff Williams:   Pat Cardi
Millie Ballard, Steve's secretary:   Ann Jillian
Gus Jenkins:   Patrick McVey

325 Sycamore Street, Hydsberg, New York, the residence
of Steve Baxter, George's younger brother, a real-estate
salesman; his wife, Barbara; and their daughter, Susie.
Transferred to the Middle East on business, George and
Dorothy relocate and leave Harold in the care of Steve
and Barbara to prevent interference to his education.
Hazel becomes their maid and stories follow the original
format, with Steve plagued by Hazel's intervention
in his business affairs.

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