October 15, 1951 - May 6, 1957
CBS Situation Comedy - 180 Episodes

Lucy Ricardo:   Lucille Ball
Ricky Ricardo:   Desi Arnaz
Fred Mertz:   William Frawley
Ethel Mertz:   Vivian Vance
Little Ricky Ricardo:   Joseph A. Mayer
  Michael Mayer
  Richard Lee Simmons
  Ronald Lee Simmons
  Richard Keith
Betty Ramsey:   Mary Jane Croft
Ralph Ramsey:   Frank Nelson
Mrs. Trumball:   Elizabeth Patterson
Jerry, Ricky's agent:   Jerry Hausner
Mrs. McGillicuddy:   Kathryn Card
Carolyn Appleby:   Doris Singleton
Charlie Appleby:   Hy Averback

623 East 68th Street, New York City, Aprtment 3-B,
the residence of Ricky Ricardo, an orchestra leader at
the Tropicana Club and his wife Lucy.

Stories depict the basic, most often copied premise:
a husband plagued by the antics of his well-meaning,
but scatterbrained wife. In this case, by a wife who longs
for a career in show business, but encounters the
objections of her husband.

Fred and Ethel Mertz were the Ricardo's neighbors,
landlords and best friends. The two couples were almost
inseparable, whatever the Ricardos did, so did the Mertzs.

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