September 15, 1986 - May 19, 1994
NBC Legal Drama - 171 Episodes

Created by Steven Bochco and Terry Louise Fisher.


Anthony Gianelli:   Ray Abruzzo
Jack Sollers:   Denis Arndt
Arnie Becker:   Corbin Bernsen
Elizabeth Brand:   Ellen Blake
Judge Geraldine Forstenzer:   Nancy Burnett
Scott:   Jake Carpenter
D.A. Margaret Flanagan:   Veronica Cartwright
Frank Kittredge:   Michael Cumpsty
Leslie Kleinberg:   Kim Delaney
Alex DePalma:   Anthony DeSando
Grace Van Owen-Sifuentes:   Susan Dey
C.J. Lamb:   Amanda Donohoe
Benny Stulwicz:   Larry Drake
Leland McKenzie:   Richard A. Dysart
Patrick Flanagan:   Steven Eckholdt
Ann Kelsey-Markowitz:   Jill Eikenberry
Susan Bloom:   Conchata Ferrell
David Meyer:   Dann Florek
Sheila Brackman:   Joanna Frank
Murray Melman:   Vincent Gardenia
Abby Perkins:   Michele Greene
Michael Kuzak:   Harry Hamlin
Iris Hubbard:   Cynthia Harris
Corrine Hammond-Becker:   Jennifer Hetrick
Zoey Clemmons:   Cecil Hoffman
D.A. George Handeman:   Michael Holden
Hilda Brunschwager:   Patricia Huston
Allison Gottlieb:   Joyce Hyser
Nina Hollender:   Laura Johnson
Diana Moses:   Renée Jones
Gwen Taylor:   Sheila Kelley
D.A. Bruce Rogoff:   Bruce Kirby
Earl Williams:   Carl Lumbly
Daniel Morales:   A Martinez
Denise Ianello:   Debi Mazar
Jackie Williams:   Vonetta McGee
Rosalind Shays:   Diana Muldaur
Jane Halliday:   Alexandra Powers
Douglas Brackman, Jr.:   Alan Rachins
Eli Levinson:   Alan Rosenberg
Roxanne Melman-Meyer:   Susan Ruttan
Victor Sifuentes:   Jimmy Smits
Tommy Mullaney:   John Spencer
D.A. Ruby Thomas:   Lynne Thigpen
Kimberly Dugan:   Courtney Thorne-Smith
Leo Hackett:   Wayne Tippet
Sarah Alder:   Alison Tucker
Stuart Markowitz:   Michael Tucker
Jonathan Rollins:   Blair Underwood
Andrew Taylor:   Mario Van Peebles
Dorothy Wyler:   Nancy Vawter
Billy Castroverti:   Tom Verica
Rosalie Hendrickson-Stulwicz:   Kathleen Wilhoite
Randy Heidegger:   Curt Wilmot
Melina Paros:   Lisa Zane

This critically acclaimed ensemble drama looked like Hill Street in
a fancy law office, with many characters and stories intertwined
in each episode. The high-powered Los Angeles law firm of
McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney, and Kuzak took on cases of
all types, criminal and civil, usually for high fees.
Leland McKenzie was the esteemed, fatherly senior partner;
Brackman, the vain, insufferable, balding partner struggling
to fill his late father's formidable shoes; Kuzak, the savvy
but compassionate younger partner; Van Owen, the idealistic
Deputy D.A. who was Kuzak's lover and sometime courtroom
opponent; Ann, another idealistic attorney; Stuart, the
firm's nebbishy little tax attorney, who had a heart of
gold and also had the hots for Ann; Arnie, the sleazy,
womanizing divorce lawyer; Victor, the uptight young
Hispanic brought into the firm to meet racial quotas,
and he knew it; Abby, the unsure-of-herself young intern;
Jonathan, a young black lawyer; Benny, a retarded office
worker; and Roxanne, the motherly receptionist.

Plenty of office politics and sexual adventures were mixed
in with the cases. Besides its soap-opera entanglements,
L.A. Law emphasized outrageous situations and trendy cases.
As the season's wore on, cast members departed to be replaced
seamlessly by actors of equal accomplishment. Slickly produced,
sharply written and consummately acted, LA Law memorably set
the stylishly sophisticated tone for the deluge of legal series'
which were destined to follow in its impressively substantial wake.

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Episode Guide

Episode Guide
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L.A. Law

Steven Bochco
From The Museum of Broadcast Communications

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