October 3, 1957 - June 23, 1963
ABC & CBS Situation Comedy - 224 Episodes


Grandpa Amos McCoy:   Walter Brennan
Luke McCoy:   Richard Crenna
Kate McCoy:   Kathleen Nolan
Hassie McCoy:   Lydia Reed
Little Luke McCoy:   Michael Winkelman
Pepino Garcia, hired hand:   Tony Martinez
George MacMichael:   Andy Clyde
Flora MacMichael:   Madge Blake
Mac Maginnis:   Willard Waterman
Hank Johnson:   Lloyd Corrigan
Harry Purvis:   Charles Lane
Mr. Taggart:   Frank Ferguson

Theme Song (words & music by Harry Ruby):
Want you to meet the family that's known as The Real McCoys
From West Vir-gi-nee they came to stay in sunny Cal-i-for-ni-ay
'Ole Grandpappy Amos and the girls and boys
Of the family known as The Real McCoys.

What a housekeeper Kate is, she's doin' what she enjoys,
No gal can beat her when it come to looks,
And the same can be said 'bout the way she cooks for
Grandpappy Amos and the girls and boys
Of the family known as The Real McCoys.

Livin' as good folks should live and happy as kids with toys,
'Ole Grandpappy Amos is the head of the clan,
He roars like a lion but he's gentle as a lamb
His grandson Luke keeps a-beamin' with joy
Since he made Miss Kate Missus Luke McCoy.

Sharing each other's sorrows, enjoyin' each other's joys
Like all other families they quarrel and fuss,
But it ain't never serious with
Grandpappy Amos and the girls and boys
Of the family known as The Real McCoys.

A happy-go-lucking West Virginia mountain family picks
up stakes and moves to a ranch in California's San
Fernando Valley. Center of the action, and undisputed
star of the show, was Grandpa, a porch-rockin', gol-
darnin', consarnin' old geezer with a wheezy voice
who liked to meddle in practically everybody's affairs,
neighbors and kin alike. His kin were grandson Luke
and his new bride, Kate; Luke's teenage sister, Hassie;
and Luke's 11-year-old brother, Little Luke (their
parents were deceased). Completing the regular cast
were Pepino, their loyal farm hand; George MacMichael,
their crusty neighbor and Amos' best friend; and
Flora, George's spinster sister who had eyes for Amos.

Grandpappy Amos was an incorrigible codger who was
against anything anyone else was for. He had the
regulation Heart of Gold stuck away somewhere, but
he was cantankerous as all get out. With his shoulders
and arms jumping, Amos walked like a chicken with a
limp. He bullied, he blustered, he cajoled, he did
everything he could to get his own way. His not being
able to read or write got him into many predicaments,
for he would never admit to being illiterate to
anyone outside the family.

In 1962 the series moved to CBS. Luke became a widower
and many of the plots began to revolve around Grandpa's
attempts to match him up with a new wife.

Watch highlights from episode #71, "The Tax Man Cometh" below.


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