Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

1976 - 1978
Syndicated Soap Opera - 325 Episodes


Mary Hartman:   Louise Lasser
Tom Hartman:   Greg Mullavy
Martha Shumway:   Dody Goodman
Cathy Shumway:   Debralee Scott
Heather Hartman:   Claudia Lamb
Loretta Haggers:   Mary Kay Place
Charlie Haggers:   Graham Jarvis
Merle Jeeter:   Dabney Coleman
Wanda Jeeter:   Marian Mercer
Garth Gimble/Barth Gimble:   Martin Mull
Coach Leroy Fedder:   Norman Alden
Reverend Brim:   Orson Bean
Mel Beach:   Shelley Berman
Pat Gimble:   Susan Browning
George Shumway #1:   Philip Bruns
Mac Slattery:   Dennis Burkley
Jeffrey DeVito:   Randall Carver
Popesco:   Severn Darden
Annie Wylie:   Gloria DeHaven
Eleanor Major:   Shelley Fabares
Harmon Farinella:   Richard Hatch
George Shumway #2:   Tab Hunter
Mae Olinski:   Salome Jens
Penny Major:   Judith Kahan
Raymond Larkin:   Victor Kilian
Jimmy Joe Jeeter:   Sparky Marcus
Dorelda Doremus:   Doris Roberts
Mrs. Fedder:   Reva Rose
Ronald Drayton:   Robert Snively
Sergeant Dennis Foley:   Bruce Solomon
Dr. Szymon:   James Staley
Annabelle:   Renée Taylor

This was the classic soap opera to satirize all soap operas.
Mary Hartman was a "typical American housewife"
living in the small town of Fernwood, Ohio. She was
totally impressionable and rather slow-witted, with
the most significant things in her life coming from
television commercials, which she believed totally.
One of her early concerns was the prospect of "waxy
yellow buildup" on her kitchen floor and how to avoid
it. Pigtailed and plain, her life was full of one
crisis after another--her father disappeared, her
daughter was held hostage by a mass murderer, her
husband (Tom) was impotent, and her best friend
(aspiring country music singer Loretta Haggers) was
paralyzed. Eventually Mary's implacable calm collapsed
and she had a nervous breakdown, as well as an affair
with local cop Dennis Foley. Mary's grandfather,
Raymond Larkin, was known to all as the Fernwood
Flasher for his penchant for exposing himself in
public; her sister, Cathy, was a local swinger; and
her mother, Martha, was decidedly flaky. Tom Hartman
was an assembly-line worker at the local automobile
plant where he worked with Loretta's husband, Charlie.
Jimmy Joe Jeeter was an eight-year-old evangelist
whose career was cut short when he was electrocuted
by a television set that fell into his bathtub.
His father, Merle, was Fernwood's mayor.

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman was the creation of
producer Norman Lear. The novelty of a satirical
soap opera attracted many viewers after the late
local news in most cities. When Louise Lasser
left the show in 1977, it continued for another
six months under the title Forever Fernwood.

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