July 3, 1952 - June 12, 1955
NBC Situation Comedy


Robinson J. Peepers:   Wally Cox
Gabriel Gurney:   Joseph Foley
Harvey Weskit:   Tony Randall
Rayola Dean:   Norma Crane
Charlie Burr:   David Tyrell
Nancy Remington:   Patricia Benoit
Marge Weskitt:   Georgann Johnson
Mrs. Gurney:   Marion Lorne
Superintendent Bascom:   Gage Clark
Mr. Remington:   Ernest Truex
Mrs. Remington:   Sylvia Field
Mr. Bascomb:   George Clark
Mr. Hansen:   Arthur O'Connell
Mr. Whip:   Jack Warden
Mom Peepers:   Ruth McDevitt
Agnes Peepers:   Jenny Egan
Aunt Lil:   Reta Shaw

Jefferson High School, located in the small Midwestern
town of Jefferson City, was the setting for this live
situation comedy. The central character was Robinson
Peepers, a shy, quiet, slow-moving science teacher
whose efforts to do the right thing always seemed to
backfire. He was such a nice guy that everyone on the
staff tried to mother him and the students all thought
he was great, despite being laughable at times. His
best friend was history teacher Harvey Weskit, whose
brash self-confidence contrasted with Robinson's low-key
personality. Other regulars in the cast were the school
nurse, Nancy Remington, English teacher Mrs. Gurney
(whose husband was the principal in the first season),
and their families. During the first season music
appreciation teacher Rayola Dean was Mr. Peepers
romantic interest. In the fall of 1952 Nurse Nancy
Remington became his girlfriend. Their romance
blossomed and they were married at the end
of the 1953-1954 season.

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