The New
Dick Van Dyke

Format One:
September 18, 1971 - September 3, 1973
CBS Situation Comedy


Dick Preston:   Dick Van Dyke
Jenny Preston:   Hope Lange
Bernie Davis:   Marty Brill
Carol Davis:   Nancy Dussault
Michele "Mike" Preston:   Fannie Flagg
Annie Preston:   Angela Powell
Lucas Preston:   Michael Shea
Ted Atwater:   David Doyle

Dick Preston was the host of a local talk show on KXIV-TV
in Phoenix, Arizona. The series revolved around his personal
life with his wife, Jenny, and thier nine-year-old daughter,
and his professional life with the talk show. His manager,
Bernie, and Bernie's wife were personal friends. Dick's
sister, Mike, doubled as his secretary. Seen occasionally
was Dick's son Lucas, who was away at private school.

Format Two:
September 10, 1973 - September 2, 1974
CBS Situation Comedy


Dick Preston:   Dick Van Dyke
Jenny Preston:   Hope Lange
Annie Preston:   Angela Powell
Max Mathias:   Dick Van Patten
Alex Montez:   Henry Darrow
Dennis Whitehead:   Barry Gordon
Richard Richardson:   Richard Dawson
Connie Richardson:   Chita Rivera
Margot Brighton:   Barbara Rush
Lucas Preston:   Wendell Burton

Dick moved his family to Hollywood so that he could take
advantage of an opportunity to star in a daytime soap opera,
Those Who Care. New series regulars were the soap opera's
writer, Dennis Whitehead; its producer, Max Mathias; its
stage manager, Alex Montenez; and the soap opera's star,
Margot Brighton. In the soap Dick played Dr. Brad Fairmont.
At home, 747 Bonnie Vista Road, Tarzana, California, the
Prestons acquired new neighbors in Richard and
Connie Richardson.

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