December 16, 1975 - September 2, 1984
CBS Situation Comedy - 209 Episodes


Ann Romano Royer:   Bonnie Franklin
Julie Cooper Horvath:   Mackenzie Phillips
Barbara Cooper Royer:   Valerie Bertinelli
Dwayne Schneider:   Pat Harrington, Jr.
Ed Cooper:   Joseph Campanella
David Kane:   Richard Masur
Ginny Wrobliki:   Mary Louise Wilson
Mr. Jerry Davenport:   Charles Siebert
Max Horvath:   Michael Lembeck
Grandma Katherine Romano:   Nanette Fabray
Nick Handris:   Ron Rifkin
Alex Handris:   Glenn Scarpelli
Francine Webster:   Shelley Fabares
Mark Royer:   Boyd Gaines
Sam Royer:   Howard Hesseman
Annie Horvath:   Lauren Maloney
  Paige Maloney

After 17 years of marriage, Ann Romano found herself
divorced and living with her two teenage daughters in
an apartment building in her hometown of Indianapolis.
The problems of trying to keep a job and be an under-
standing mother to two headstrong girls provided the
plots for most episodes of this series. Ann resumed
use of her maiden name while both 17-year-old Julie
and 15-year-old Barbara kept their father's. The
building super, who regarded himself as the Rudolph
Valentino of Indianapolis, was Dwayne Schneider.
David Kane was Ann's romantic interest during the
first season. Ann found herself a substantial job
working as an account executive for the advertising
agency of Connors and Davenport. Ginny Wrobliki was
an outspoken neighbor during the shows second season.

In 1979, while still in college, Julie married Max
Horvath, and airline flight steward. In 1980, Ann
quit her job and started a new professional, and
eventually personal, involvment with Nick Handris.
They became partners doing free-lance advertising.
Ann's mother, Katherine, also became a frequent
visitor. After Nick's tragic death in 1981, his
son Alex moved in with Ann and Barbara. Ann's old
nemesis, Francine Webster, became her new buisness
partner. In 1982, Barbara married dental student
Mark Royer and Julie gave birth to a daughter,
Annie. In 1983, Ann Married Mark's divorced
father, architect Sam Royer.

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