September 8, 1975 - August 30, 1977
CBS Situation Comedy - 48 Episodes


Phyllis Lindstrom:   Cloris Leachman
Bess Lindstrom:   Lisa Gerritsen
Julie Erskine:   Liz Torres
  Barbara Colby
Leo Heatherton:   Richard Schaal
Audrey Dexter:   Jane Rose
Judge Jonathan Dexter:   Henry Jones
Sally "Mother" Dexter:   Judith Lowry
Leonard Marsh:   John Lawlor
Harriet Hastings:   Garn Stephens
Dan Valenti:   Carmine Caridi
Arthur Lanson:   Burt Mustin
Mark Valenti:   Craig Wasson
Van Horn, park wino:   Jack Elam

After five years playing Mary Richards' neighbor, friend, and
landlady on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Cloris Leachman
began her own spin-off series. Phyllis Lindstrom returned
home to her hometown of San Francisco following the death
of her husband Lars. In her mid-40s, and with a teenage
daughter to support, Phyllis moved in with Lars' scatter-
brained mother, Audrey, and Audrey's second husband,
Judge Jonathan Dexter. Phyllis found a job working as
an assistant to Julie Erskine at Erskine's Commercial
Photography Studio. This job, with Phyllis being her
busy-body, self centered, oblivious self, lasted only one
season. In the second season Phyllis was given a job as
administrative assistant to Dan Valenti, a member of the
San Francisco Board of Supervisors. She worked in an
office with another supervisor, Leonard Marsh, and his
assistant Harriet. On the home front, witty, sharp-
tongued Mother Dexter, far and away the best member of
the family when it came to putting down Phyllis, had
become involved with a man. She was 87 and Arthur was 92,
but love flowered and they were married in December 1976.

Theme Song Lyrics:
Who makes the fog surrounding the Golden Gate simply disappear?
Phyllis. Phyllis.
Who makes the warning bells on the cable cars play the "Gangs All Here"?
Phyllis. Phyllis.
Who charms the crabs at Fisherman's Warf right out of their shell?
Who lights the lamps of Chinatown just by walking in view...who?
Phyllis! Phyllis! Phyllis! It sure isn't you!

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