September 6, 1969 - Late 1970's
NBC Saturday Morning Cartoon


Voices:   Dave Barry
Ant and the Aardvark:   John Byner
Fatso:   Don Diamond
The Commissioner:   Paul Frees
  Marvin Miller
  Mark Skor
  Larry Storch
Voices:   Helen Gerald
Voices:   Joan Gerber
The Inspector/Sgt. Deux Deux:   Pat Harrington Jr.
Banjo:   Tom Holland
Misterjaw:   Arte Johnson
Voices:   Rich Little
Catfish:   Arnold Stang
Voices:   Lennie Weinrib

Cartoon shorts featuring the Pink Panther and the
Inspector. There were three cartoon shorts with
additional black-out gag vignettes between the first
and second and between the second and third cartoons.
The Pink Panther is almost always mute. Some newly
animated between-cartoon vignettes had the panther
and the Inspector together. In one memorable one,
the Pink Panther plays badminton with the
Inspector and Sergeant Deux-Deux.

In September, 1971, The Pink Panther Show became
The Pink Panther Meets the Ant and the Aardvark,
a new NBC Saturday morning series. The Inspector
disappeared, and the characters of the second
cartoon in every episode were an easy-going ant
named Charlie, and a hungry aardvark (with a snout
that operates like the hose of a vacuum cleaner),
who wants to eat the Ant. Comedian John Byner,
imitated consummate American singer-entertainer
Dean Martin for the voice of the Ant and provided
distinct inflections of rabbi-turned-comic Jackie
Mason for the plaintive but resolute words
of the Aardvark.

In September, 1976, NBC expanded its Pink Panther
Show to 90 minutes, and cartoons with the panther,
the Inspector, and the Ant and the Aardvark were
joined by cartoon shorts starring new DePatie-Freleng
animation stars, Fatso and Banjo- the Texas Toads,
a pair of intellectually-challenged, Rio Grande-region
amphibians always in search of flies and fun, and
black-suited Misterjaw, a self-important,
scheming shark voiced by Arte Johnson.

Above description courtesy of Kevin McCorry's outstanding
The Pink Panther Show Website.
It's a must see site complete with numerous pictures and episode guides.

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