$10,000 PYRAMID

Game Show
CBS Daytime March 26, 1973 - March 29, 1974
ABC Daytime May 6, 1974 - June 27, 1980
Syndicated September 9, 1974 -September 1979
Syndicated January 26, 1981 - September 1981
CBS Daytime September 20, 1982 - December 31, 1987
Syndicated September 9, 1985 - Sepyember 2, 1988
CBS Daytime April 4, 1988 - July 1, 1988
Syndicated January 7, 1991 - March 6, 1992

4270 Episodes

Dick Clark
Bill Cullen
John Davidson

Bob Clayton
Steve O'Brien
Fred Foy
Alan Kalter
Jack Clark
Johnny Gilbert
Charlie Tuna
Dean Goss
Charlie O'Donnell
Rod Roddy
Bob Hilton
John Causier
Dick Heatherton
Scott Vincent
Ed Jordan
Jerry Bishop

The value of the Pyramid increased during its TV
history. When the show premiered in 1973 it was
called "The $10,000 Pyramid." On January 19, 1976
it became "The $20,000 Pyramid and when the show
returned in 1982 it became "The $25,000 Pyramid."
The nighttime edition began as "The $25,000 Pyramid"
in 1974 and increased to $50,000 in 1981 and
$100,000 in 1985.

Dick Clark is the host most associated with "Pyramid,"
but Bill Cullen emceed the nighttime version during
the 1970s and John Davidson hosted in 1991-1992.

The object of the game was to communicate words
and subjects by describing them in a predetermined
time limit. Each of two teams was composed of a
celebrity guest and a studio contestant. One team
played at a time, with one player trying to
describe seven items in a related category to his
or her partner in thirty seconds. The other team
then played another category and the team with the
highest score after three rounds won the game and
was given the opportunity to play the Pyramid
for the grand prize.

Here's the opening- it shows a montage of Winner's Circle moments. Sorry about the audio.
But the Charles Nelson Reilly moment is too good not to share.
Also notice those giving the clues didn't have their arms strapped down,
and they got away with giving hand signals.

Tie Breaker on the $10,000 Pyramid becomes a disaster when
Barbara Feldon misreads a word and the computer falls asleep.

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