January 9, 1959 - December 7, 1965
CBS Western - 217 Episodes


Gil Favor, trail boss:   Eric Fleming
Rowdy Yates, the ramrod:   Clint Eastwood
Pete Nolan, trail scout:   Sheb Wooley
Wishbone, the cook:   Paul Brinegar
Harkness "Mushy" Mushgrove:   James Murdock
Clay Forrester:   Charles D. Gray
Joe Scarlett:   Rocky Shahan
Jim Quince:   Steve Raines
Hey Soos Patines:   Robert Cabal
Solomon King:   Raymond St. Jacques
Ian Cabot:   David Watson
Jed Colby:   John Ireland
Toothless:   William R. Thompkins

Theme Song:
Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
Though the streams are swollin'
Keep them doggies Rollin' Rawhide,
Through rain and wind and weather,
Hell bent for leather,
Wishing my gal was by my side,
All the things I'm missin'
good vittles love and kissin'
will be waiting at the end of my ride.

Program Opener:
Announcer (over music and scene of a cattle drive):
This is the landscape of Rawhide: desert, forest, mountain
and plains; it is intense heat, bitter cold, torrential
rain, blinding dust; men risking their lives, earning
small reward -a life of challenge- Rawhide. It is men
like trail scout Pete Nolan, the cantankerous Wishbone,
Ramrod Rowdy Yates, good natured Mushy, and trail
boss Gil Favor -these men are Rawhide!"

The time was the 1860s. Episodes depicted the struggles
and hardships faced by the men of the cattle drive from
San Antonio, Texas, to Sedalia, Missouri. Gil Favor was
the trail boss, the supervisor of the entire cattle-drive
operation. His right-hand man, and second-in-command,
was Rowdy Yates. Other regulars were the cooks,
drovers, and scouts who helped the cattle drive stay
together and avoid possible dangers.

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