September 9, 1966 - April 7, 1967
ABC Science Fiction - 30 Episodes


Dr. Tony Newman:   James Darren
Dr. Douglas Phillips:   Robert Colbert
Dr. Ann MacGregor:   Lee Meriwether
Lieutenant General Heywood Kirk:   Whit Bissell
Dr. Raymond Swain:   John Zaremba
Master Sergeant Jiggs:   Wesley Lau
Jerry:   Sam Groom

"Two American Scientists are lost in the swirling
maze of past and future ages during the first
experiments on America's greatest and most secret
project--The Time Tunnel. Tony Newman and Doug
Phillips now tumble helplessly toward a new
and fantastic adventure somewhere along the
infinite corridors of time." These were the
the words that began each episode from
announcer Dick Tufeld.

Doctors Tony Newman and Doug Phillips were two
young scientists working on a top-secret government
project, deep below the Arizona desert. Their goal:
to build a laser-actuated "time tunnel," leading
to ages past and future. Unfortunately they were
forced to plunge into the tunnel before it was
fully tested, and found themselves lost in history,
able to move from one point in time to another,
but unable to get back to their starting point
in the present. Because Tony has previously taken
a radioactive bath, engineers are able to pinpoint
his whereabouts and receive his voice and
image through the Tunnel's recorders.

While their associates, Doctors MacGregor and Swain,
worked feverishly to free them from their bondage,
Tony and Doug found themselves plunged into one
famous historical event after another, always
knowing the outcome in advance, but unable to
change it. First they were deposited on the deck
of the Titanic, just before you-know-what. Then
it was in and out of the shadows of great events
from the seige of Troy to a futuristic space
flight to Mars. They tried to save Marie Antoinette
and President Lincoln, opposed Cortez, and watched
the Battle of Jericho as the walls came a-tumbling
down. They chased one villain clear from one
million B.C. to one million A.D. Who
wanted to go back to Arizona?

Over the show's 30 episodes the good doctors visited
Pearl Harbor just before the Japanese attack, the
exploding volcano Krakatoa, Custer's Last Stand,
and Gettysburg during the Civil War. Along the way,
these scientists met such notable figures as Billy
the Kid, Merlin the Magician, Rudyard Kipling,
Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, Helen of Troy,
Robin Hood, and outer space visitors.

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