November 11, 1980 - February 7, 1987
ABC & Syndicated Situation Comedy - 129 Episodes


Henry Rush:   Ted Knight
Muriel Rush:   Nancy Dussault
Jackie Rush:   Deborah Van Valkenburgh
Sara Rush:   Lydia Cornell
Arthur Wainwright:   Hamilton Camp
Monroe Ficus:   JM J. Bullock
April Rush:   Deena Freeman
Iris Martin:   Audrey Meadows
Mildred Rafkin:   Selma Diamond
Andrew Rush:   William Thomas Cannon
  Joshua Goodwin
  Michael Philip Cannon
Lisa Flores:   Lisa Antille
Hope Stinson:   Pat Carroll
Brad Turner:   Jordan Suffin

Based on the British series "Keep It in the Family."
Henry Rush was a middle-aged, conservative, and
very orderly professional illustrator. His greatest
regret was that years ago he had gotten caught up
in doing a kiddie cartoon called "Cosmic Cow," and
now it seemed to rule his life. His second greatest
regret was that his two college-aged daughters,
wanting a little independence, had talked him into
letting them live in the downstairs apartment of
his two-apartment San Francisco town house. As
boyfriends came and went, Henry agonized
over his two little lambs.

Jackie, the brunette, worked at a bank; Sara, the
blonde, was a freshman at San Francisco State
College. Henry's wife, Muriel, was an understanding
mom and successful free-lance photographer. Other
cast members include: Mr. Wainwright, Henry's
diminutive publisher; Monroe, Sara's flaky student
friend; Iris, Muriel's nagging mother; Mildred
Rafkin, the caustic sister of the former downstairs
tenant; and Henry's hand puppet, from which he
derived inspiration for his comic strip.

The show moved to first-run syndication in January
1984. The name of the series was changed to The
Ted Knight Show in April 1986 when Henry and
Muriel purchased a 49% share of The Marin Bugler
newspaper and moved to Mill Valley, California.

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