July 5, 1950 - 1974
CBS, NBC, & Syndicated Game Show

Ralph Edwards
Jack Bailey
Steve Dunne
Bob Barker

Bob Barker's Assistant:
Dresser Dahlstead

Frank Barton
Jerry Lawrence
Ken Carpenter
Charles Lyon
Wendell Niles
John Harlan

Truth or Consequences had originally aired in 1940
as an NBC radio program with its creator, Ralph
Edwards, as the emcee. A decade later it moved to
television on CBS, with its format and emcee unchanged.

Contestants on the show were asked silly trick
questions which they almost invariably failed to
answer correctly. If they answered incorrectly, or
failed to come up with any answer in a short time,
Beulah the Buzzer went off. The emcee then told them
that since they had failed to tell the truth, they
would have to pay the consequences. Consequences
consisted of elaborate stunts, some done in the
studio and others done outside, some completed on
that week's episode and others taking a week or more
and requiring the contestant to return when the
stunt was completed. Some of the stunts were funny,
but more often they were also embarrassing, and
occasionally they were sentimental (as when long-
separated relatives were reunited within the
context of the stunt).

The original TV version of this series, with
Edwards as host, lasted only a single season.
When in returned three years later on NBC, Jack
Bailey was the emcee, later replaced by Steve
Dunne. NBC aired a daytime version of the show
from 1956 until 1965, first with Jack Bailey as
host, succeeded by Bob Barker at the end of 1956.

Barker made a career of the show after that,
remaining with it through the rest of the daytime
run and on into the original syndicated run from
1966 to 1974. A short-lived syndicated revival in
1977-1978 was emceed by Bob Hilton. And a decade
later, in the fall of 1987, comic Larry Anderson
turned up as emcee of yet another version which
quickly faded from the airwaves.


Watch the video below and see Bob Barker's debut on Truth or Consequences on December 31, 1956.
That is followed by a complete episode from 1966.

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before making it's way to television.
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