December 18, 1956 - May 22, 1967
CBS Primetime Game Show

Bud Collyer

Regular Panelists:
Polly Bergen
Hy Gardner
Hildy Parks
Kitty Carlisle
Ralph Bellamy
Tom Poston
Orson Bean
Don Ameche
Joan Fontaine
Barry Nelson
Phyllis Newman
Peggy Cass

Bern Bennett
Roger Forster
Johnny Olsen

Contestants on To Tell the Truth were introduced
in threes. All of them purported to be the same
individual. Following the introduction, emcee Bud
Collyer would read an affidavit describing the life,
activities, and/or unique experiences of the person
who all the contestants claimed to be. The panel of
four celebrity guests then asked questions of the
three contestants, trying to determine which one was
telling the truth and which two were lying.
Following the question session, each panelist had
to vote for whom he thought was really the person
described in the affidavit. Wrong guesses were
worth money to all three contestants, who split
the winnings equally. The famous closing line for
each round: "Will the real ______ please stand up!"

This version of the show was also seen on the CBS
daytime schedule June 18, 1962 - September 6, 1968.

September 8, 1969 - September 1978
Syndicated Game Show

Garry Moore
Joe Garagiola

Regular Panelists:
Kitty Carlisle
Peggy Cass
Bill Cullen
Polly Bergen
Larry Blyden
Nipsey Russell
Soupy Sales

Johnny Olsen
Bill Wendell
Alan Kalter
Don Pardo

Former I've Got A Secret host Garry Moore emceed
the new daily first-run syndication version for
eight seasons before retiring. Sports personality
Joe Garagiola hosted the final year, in 1977-1978.
The game was played the same as the original version.

Another syndicated version ran for one season,
1980-1981, with host Robin Ward. And yet another
version ran for one season, 1990-1991, on the NBC
daytime schedule, with hosts Gordon Elliott,
Lynn Swann, and Alex Trebek.

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