Premiered October 31, 2010
AMC post-apocalyptic horror series

Rick Grimes:   Andrew Lincoln
Shane Walsh:   Jon Bernthal
Lori Grimes:   Sarah Wayne Callies
Andrea:   Laurie Holden
Dale:   Jeffrey DeMunn
Glenn:   Steven Yeun
Carl Grimes:   Chandler Riggs
Amy:   Emma Bell
Morgan:   Lennie James
T-Dog:   IronE Singleton
Jacqui:   Jeryl Prescott
Jim:   Andrew Rothenberg
Morales:   Juan Gabriel Pareja
Daryl Dixon:   Norman Reedus
Merle Dixon:   Michael Rooker
Ed:   Adam Minarovich
Carol:   Melissa Suzanne McBride
Sophia:   Madison Lintz
Walker:   Alexyz Danine Kemp

Waking up in an empty hospital after weeks in a coma, County Sheriff Rick Grimes finds
himself utterly alone. The world as he knows it is gone, ravaged by a zombie epidemic.

The Walking Dead tells the story of the weeks and months that follow after the apocalypse.
Based on Robert Kirkman’s hugely successful and popular comic book series.

The Walking Dead is an epic, edge-of-your-seat drama where personal struggles are magnified
against a backdrop of moment-to-moment survival. A survivalist story at its core,
the series explores how the living are changed by the overwhelming realization that those
who survive can be far more dangerous than the mindless walkers roaming the earth.
They themselves have become the walking dead.

Rick Grimes is a sheriff's deputy in a small Georgia town. Wounded in the line of duty,
he is in a coma when the zombie apocalypse occurs. Awakening alone, he sets off in search
of his wife, Lori, and young son, Carl, and along the way discovers what has happened to
the world. Rick is an everyman — smart, calm, just, a good friend and father — but flawed.
He sees most problems as black or white and will often stubbornly cling to his personal
strong moral code, which results in not always making the best decisions.
He has been partners and friends with Shane for a long time and he is used to, and has
perhaps taken for granted, their easy camaraderie. Rick is a natural leader, someone his
fellow survivors will turn to in crisis, confident in his guidance, even when he at times
doubts himself. However, his overwhelming need to do the right thing and protect those
who can't protect themselves may pull him away from his family,
causing cracks of tension within his marriage and in his relationship with his son.

Believing her husband Rick to be dead, Lori, along with her son Carl, goes with Shane
towards Atlanta, counting on him to keep her and her son safe. Extremely compassionate
and empathetic, Lori is the emotional center of the group of survivors.
With their entire world in chaos, Lori will cling to her humanity and fight to maintain
'their decency and rituals, offering comfort to everyone as they face their individual
tragedies. First and foremost, she is a fiercely protective mother, desperate to keep
her son safe and extremely wary of anyone she doesn't trust getting too close to him.

Shane is Rick's partner in the sheriff's department, and best friend since high school.
When the apocalypse occurred, and with Rick stuck in a coma, Shane helped save Lori and
Carl by getting them out of their small town and heading for Atlanta.
He was the last to see Rick in the hospital and is tortured by his responsibility in
leaving him there, but also knows he never would have been able to save Lori and Carl
if he hadn't left Rick. He made an impossible decision that he'll never be able to fully
justify, to himself or to Lori. Among the group of survivors, Shane has become the
de facto leader, a position he enjoys. He always lived in Rick's shadow and while
he never consciously resented it, he's relishing his newfound position of authority.
However, when Shane's leadership within the group is challenged, it pushes him over the
edge, and he begins losing his temper and his control with increasing regularity,
making him reckless, erratic and dangerous to everyone around him.

A successful civil rights attorney living in Florida, Andrea was on a road trip with her
younger sister Amy, headed back to Amy's college when the zombie apocalypse occurred.
They were stranded in Atlanta when they were rescued by Dale, and they've been living
with him and the rest of the survivors at the camp ever since. Andrea is intelligent,
cautious and extremely protective of her younger sister, with whom she has not always
had the closest relationship. Never one to shy away from a challenge or a fight,
Andrea is headstrong, opinionated and first and foremost interested in keeping Amy safe.
They don't know what has become of their parents, but Andrea has no real expectation
of them being alive and will endeavor to stand strong as the only family Amy has left.

Amy and her older sister Andrea have made their home in Dale's RV at the camp.
She is twelve years younger than Andrea and that has caused no small amount of tension
between the sisters. Amy is resentful of Andrea leaving her behind at home and not
coming back often enough to visit and be a part of her life. The experience of the
apocalypse has strengthened their bond enormously, though Amy is still often frustrated
by Andrea correcting her, judging her and generally telling her what to do.
On the other hand, Amy worships her older sister, wanting to be just like her.
Still young, Amy is impetuous and eternally optimistic. She helps look out for the kids
in the camp, is quick to defend others' actions when she sees them as being
protective and generally tries to keep the peace among her fellow survivors.

Dale had planned to spend his retirement traveling the country with his beloved wife
Irma in their RV, but she passed away from cancer before their dream came to pass.
Traveling on his own, he comes across Andrea and Amy when the apocalypse occurs and
takes them in. His age, calm experience, and RV provide the nucleus around which the
small community of survivors has formed. He is wise, sometimes profound and is the
respected elder of the group, though is also rather feisty, not afraid to speak his
mind and call others out for mistakes in judgment. Over time he, Andrea and Amy form
their own little family unit and he finds spending time with them has helped bring
him back to life in a way he never anticipated. Dale is a fairly self-sufficient man,
and ever watchful of the changing dynamics among the survivor community.

Glenn meets Rick during one of his frequent forays into Atlanta to scavenge much-needed
supplies to sustain the camp. He is keenly aware of the extreme danger of these missions,
but because of his youth is willing to take the risk. He used to deliver pizzas for a
living, and his knowledge of every shortcut in town proves extremely useful to the
group's scavenging needs. Young and resourceful, Glenn thinks on his feet and shows
great compassion and humanity. Despite all the horrors he's seen, he maintains a
youthful enthusiasm for life and its unexpected pleasures. Glenn is an integral
part of the camp, showing surprising depth and emotion when
the group experiences devastating tragedy.

Carl flees his small town with his mom, Lori, and Shane. He is a kind boy — inquisitive
and intelligent — but quiet, struggling in this new world and still trying to come to
terms with the fact that he may never see his father again. He has bonded a great deal
with Shane, his dad's best friend, who always takes time to talk with him, teach him
things, and make him feel like he still has a father figure. Carl worships his father
and believes, as only a child can, that Rick is indestructible and that blind faith
in his father helps provide comfort to Lori, who isn't as confident that Rick will
return to them. Carl's closest friend is Sophia, Carol's daughter, as well as the
Morales children, all of whom he regularly plays with, helping to keep him in a
child's world as much as possible. However, he is frequently confronted with the
realities of his harsh new world when he witnesses shocking violence
and has to say goodbye to even more people he cares about.

Following the walker outbreak, Morgan evacuated with his wife Jenny and his son Duane.
Their plan was to head for Atlanta in search of military protection. En route,
a walker attacked Jenny, forcing the family to seek refuge in Rick's hometown.
"After she died," Morgan tells Rick, "I guess we just froze in place."
Fiercely protective, Morgan barricades himself and Duane inside a vacant house.
Despite the dire conditions, Morgan still endeavors to create normalcy for Duane,
correcting his son's grammar and engaging in mealtime prayers. But both remain
haunted by the loss of Jenny, who returns to the house regularly as a walker.
Rick and Morgan eventually part ways, (and promise to meet up again after Duane
learns to shoot). Morgan's final warning to Rick: "They might not seem like much one
at a time. But in a group, all riled up and hungry? Man, you watch your ass."

The series is shot on location in Atlanta.

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